"End of the World" Snorkeling - Gift Voucher

"End of the World" Snorkeling - Gift Voucher

Age minimum
10 ans

Offer the Snorkeling to nature lovers: it is an invitation to put on a combination, fins and mask to observe gray seals.

Direction the Archipel of Molène for a stroll around the reefs. If gray seals are present permanently around Molène. the opportunity to see them in and under the water, around the fields of algae, sand tongues and rock masses, remains a rare experience.

In addition to the webbed walk, it is possible to cross a group of bottlenose dolphins (tursiops) and many sea ​​birds.

Provided by: Rando Sea



Conditions de réservation

Gift voucher valid 1 year from date to date.

The beneficiary of the voucher chooses its date and reserves directly with Rando Mer according to the availabilities